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We are now a Non-Profit Corporation of Arizona. We have a BIG HEART, and practice selfless service within the community. We now have 11 locations in Tucson and Vail, AZ.

Welcome to Divine Joy Yoga in Tucson, AZ

Discover Tucson’s full-service yoga provider. Founded in 2011, we are celebrating our 6th Year! We cater to baby boomers, seniors and beginners, as we provide a variety of yoga classes to benefit any yoga practitioner. At Divine Joy Yoga, we provide a unique yoga experience!

Tim Howell Tucson Yoga Class Instructor

Tim Howell Tucson Yoga Class Instructor

Why choose Divine Joy Yoga? If you are looking for an experienced Tucson yoga instructor who focuses on your specific needs, Divine Joy Yoga in Tucson, Arizona is your answer. We strive to be your best yoga provider, whether your interest is yoga classes, yoga retreats, or specific yoga instruction like  senior yoga classes or beginners to advanced yoga.

Tim Howell, E-RYT 500

Tim Howell, E-RYT 500, Registered Yoga Teacher, is the proprietor of Divine Joy Yoga. He began his yoga journey around 2001. He received his 200 Hour and 500 Hour Advanced Hatha Yoga Certifications. His practice has been influenced by Bender, Baptise, Iyengar, Maehle, Yogananda, Desikachar, Kriyananda, Farhi, and Dworkis. Tim has taught over 3000 classes.

Tim offers classes that facilitate a smile in a safe environment for students at all fitness levels. His focus is designed to help you develop self-awareness and mindfulness, and to discover your playful nature and infinite possibilities.

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11 locations

only $5 per classDivine Joy Yoga is a full service Tucson yoga business. Founded in 2011, we are celebrating our 6th Year! We are locally owned, and focus on your needs in a location convenient for you. Divine Joy Yoga teaches yoga lessons to our clients anywhere in the Tucson area. We make yoga classes in affordable for everyone at only $5 per class, and we provide all the equipment needed so our clients can enjoy the wonderful benefits of yoga. You just show up!

We even provide mats! Just show up

We even provide mats! Just show up!

From young and old, Divine Joy Yoga offers yoga lessons for clients of all ages and stages in life. We offer yoga for pregnant women to help them with childbirth, keep them strong, flexible and relaxed. We also work in schools by teaching yoga lessons for kids ages 5 and up. With 78 million baby boomers, Divine Joy Yoga has a deep commitment to the senior yoga practitioners.

We teach a variety of types of yoga in Tucson including Hatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, Back Care Yoga, Prenatal Yoga and Meditative Yoga. Divine Joy Yoga teaches all levels from beginning yoga classes, advanced beginning yoga lessons, intermediate yoga and advanced yoga.

You name it, we do our best to accommodate. We are ever learning and determined to provide our clients with the finest yoga lessons on the planet.

Celebrate your mind and spirit. Live happier and healthier. Be mindful and self-aware. Practice yoga. Achieve balance. Feel energized.

  • Sarah and Dick Newmeyer

    Tucson Yoga Practitioners, Cactus Country

    "Yoga makes me feel younger! I like the way Tim teaches through explanation of how each yoga pose effects the body. Both my husband and I have noticed that we are less stiff, more flexible and stronger as a result of both the poses and the deep breathing not to mention how relaxing practicing yoga is. Everyone should do it as it makes a big difference in how we feel. I can't imagine not continuing to include yoga in our lives from now on."

  • Jerry W. Payne

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Trails West

    "The classes are challenging but structured for any level of fitness. After a session I feel invigorated and alert to my body. Each class begins with education and a road map of what we will accomplish that day. Individual attention is positive and goal directed. Do yourself a favor and join one of the classes; you will be glad you did! I started yoga to increase my flexibility for my golf game. I have discovered an increase in my balance and stability. I have noticed an ease in turning to back up my car. The breathing awareness has been beneficial in poses that relate to other activities."

  • Ann Evett

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Harrison Hills / Pantano Vista

    "Tim Howell has been amazing as an instructor. He is concerned about each participant working to their ability and not trying to compete with others. I have always had a very sore lower back due to a motorcycle injury years ago. I have been told by doctors to do exercises and I would start and give up. In six weeks Yoga has made my lower back much better. Now I am working on improving my knees and balance."

  • Beverly Moxley

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Tucson Meadows

    "Tim explains very well how Yoga can help in keeping one healthy and stress free. He is patient and helps anyone who needs it... Yoga has helped me to become more aware of my body. My balance is improving and Yoga has helped me to be more focused on my muscles and breathing."

  • Sharon Miller

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Harrison Hills / Pantano Park

    "Tim is a good instructor and very patient. He explains and demonstrates every pose and helps if we need it. If we can't do the pose at first, he encourages us to keep trying. Yoga has made me more aware of my breathing and the correct way to breathe. It has opened my spine and I don't hurt when I get up in the morning. I just overall feel better and I credit the Yoga classes for it all."

  • Lon Hinde

    Yoga Practitioner, Tucson Tucson Meadows

    "Tim is prepared, supportive and tuned into the over 55 crowd. He can push and still be patient. His extra effort to produce a 'home practice guide' is very appreciated because we will be leaving to return to the road. We plan to continue the effort. I've always concentrated on aerobics and weight bearing exercises. Yoga has introduced stretching, balancing and breathing to my routine. I was impressed by the 'toning effects' of yoga. It is a 'strength builder' too."

  • Dee Ruby

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Trails West

    "Tim's class would rate as excellent. He pays attention to everyone and gives lots of individual help. Everyone is comfortable working at their own level, yet it is encouraged to do a little more each time. I love it! Yoga definitely gives me more energy than I have felt for a long time. All the stretching is excellent for muscle tone. I am a beginner, but definitely plan to continue enjoying all the benefits this class has to offer. Come join us!!!"

  • Phyllis and Chris O’Brien

    Tucson Yoga Practitioners, Cactus Country

    "Yoga has helped me be more flexible. I am more relaxed and calm in my daily activities. I wake up with fewer of the aches and pains that I was experiencing before taking Tim Howell's class. My golf game has improved due, I believe, to my increased strength, flexibility and balance. Simply put I feel much more alive, healthy, pain free and energetic since starting Tim's yoga classes. I resisted starting yoga classes, concerned that it would aggravate the arthritis in my feet and neck. That has not been the case, and it even seems that I've had less pain than usual. I am also beginning to see improvement in my overall balance and flexibility."

  • Lucille Smith

    Yoga Practitioner for 27 years, Harrison Hills / Pantano Park

    "I have done Yoga for 27 years and have had a number of different teachers. Tim Howell is one of the most conscientious and caring teachers I have experienced. He demonstrates the poses carefully and then watches the participants closely to ensure that class members get the most benefit from the poses without a chance for injury. Yoga has helped me in so many ways. It improves my balance, flexibility and peace of mind. We do many poses in the hour class, and I leave feeling rested and refreshed at the same time. Yoga keeps my back flexible, which is very important. It is an excellent way to keep a person healthy."

  • N. Jean Malesic

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Tucson Meadows

    "Tim is a great teacher. He explains things to us. He makes everything easy and fun. I would recommend him to everyone. Yoga has helped my balance. My doctor was very pleased at my last check-up and she said to keep it up. Overall, I am feeling great."

  • Lore Hagemeyer

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Trails West

    "Tim Howell is an excellent teacher. He is very patient and obviously aware of our age-related limitations. He sets attainable goals, is never critical or negative and always helpful. He welcomes feedback and discussion. He gives praise, which gives us encouragement. He brings enthusiasm and joy to his teaching. Yoga has challenged my body and mind. I think I gained some confidence in myself and in what I can do. The deep Yoga breathing has great benefits all around. I believe it has helped me to increase stamina and to manage stress a little better. I look forward to the challenge of every class."

  • Linda Larose & Creo Rule

    Tucson Yoga Practitioners, Harrison Hills / Pantano Park

    "Tim, you have been an inspiration to all of us. I really appreciate the guidance and learning experience you have shown us. Thanks for being the great instructor you are. Tim is a great trainer. He takes an interest in each one of us personally and makes sure we are doing the poses properly to benefit each person. I recommend Tim highly. Yoga has improved my breathing awareness. I feel better, and sleep soundly at night. I also feel like I am doing my body a world of good as I am an aging retiree, and need to keep myself healthy. Yoga has helped me be more aware of my breathing and has improved my posture. I have hip and shoulder problems due to old age and injuries and the yoga seems to help me move easier and gain strength that I had lost. I look forward to each class the longer I am in them."

  • Lori Taylor

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Tucson Meadows

    "I appreciate Tim because he allows all ages to enjoy his classes. Tim is very supportive and kind. The way he adds, how Yoga can help not only your body, but also the way you approach life. I think it will probably be hard to enjoy the experience of Yoga with any other 'Yogi'. Thanks Tim, you truly have changed my life. Yoga has been amazing. I enjoy and look forward to every class. My mind is more focused and clear. My body feels much stronger and limber. What I like best is that I can take just one hour for me. To concentrate on the pose and let my mind open to new things. I just wish I would have started many years ago. I hope to practice for the rest of my life. I also enjoy watching how Yoga has helped my mother cope with the loss of my father. It is something we look forward to every week, and she is awesome."

  • Georgia E. Casey

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Trails West

    "Tim is very patient, understanding and a fine person. I really love his class!!! Join his classes, you will feel so much better. Remarkable improvement in general health. I now have less pain in my left knee, which was broken. Great for gaining strength and balance. Tim is a great teacher. Try the class, you will feel so much better. Don't say you can't do it, just try."

  • Carol

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Harrison Hills / Pantano Park

    "Tim is an amazing yoga instructor. He is caring and believes in what yoga can do for you. He teaches what each pose does for your body, it's not just going through the motions. Tim's classes are fun, interactive and everyone gets individual attention. Each class is a little different and that keeps it interesting. Yoga has opened my back. I had a section along both sides of my spine in the middle back region that had been numb for 5 plus years. Now I have feeling there. My skin has started producing more oils and moisture. I have more strength and flexibility to play with my 2.5 year old grandson."

  • Judy Nelson

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Tucson Meadows

    "Tim Howell is all about Yoga. He explains the philosophy and benefits of yoga and its poses. Tim encourages you to do your best and then try harder but, he is not forceful or demanding. He makes Yoga fun... In two months of Yoga, I have become more limber and I am developing more strength in my legs and arms. I now can get up from the floor unassisted which is difficult for seniors. Each class, the Yoga poses get easier and I am hoping to get better balance. I seem to be standing more erect also."

  • Eileen Fullenwider

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Trails West

    Tim is a very skilled and patient Yoga Teacher. Yoga... it is never too late! Makes me feel healthy."

  • Louise Watson

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Harrison Hills / Pantano Park

    "Tim's classes are fun and educational. He is very patient with you to be sure you are doing the poses correctly so that you will get the optimal benefit... After only a few Yoga classes my digestion has improved. I have not had to take an antacid since I started."

  • Helen Taini

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Tucson Meadows

    "Tim is a great teacher....he pushes us to the edge! I love the relaxed feeling after a Yoga class. My back has been strengthen and I no longer have discomfort."

  • Luise Bell

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Trails West

    "Tim Howell is a very knowledgeable yoga teacher. He is also very patient and understanding... One of my favorite Yoga poses is the 'spinal twist', where you turn your body to either the left or right side and hold it. One day, I was backing my car out of the carport and I realized that it was so much easier for me to look out of my carport. It was also much easier for me to look out of the rear car window to check if it was safe to go. Not only could I turn my head better, I could easily turn my upper body to the right for a better view."

  • Sara Kessler

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Tucson Meadows

    "Tim is a great Yoga teacher. He has a calm and relaxing manner about him. He makes it easy to follow along... I really enjoy Yoga. It is so calm and relaxing. I am getting more limber with each class. It gives a sense of well-being and your body will thank you in so many ways."

  • Sandi Putnam

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner

    "What Tim's Yoga classes have done for me is to increase my balance, strength, stamina, mobility and an overall sense of well-being. I am delighted that every session is unique with its own sequence and variety of poses and challenges. No two are at all alike; nevertheless Tim manages to include a variety of poses and challenges which work the entire body, top to bottom.
    It is a bonus that his classes are what he calls interactive, where he invites us to comment, moan and groan. Each session is not exclusive to any one level of practice, so neither is the more experienced person bored nor is the beginner discouraged. This means that anyone, whether beginner or long time practitioner, will not only benefit both physically and mentally, but will not go away feeling any less than valued and important."

  • Melody

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner

    "Mental benefits regarding yoga practice have surfaced. Thought processes are altering - runaway thoughts and disoriented thinking is recognized and consciously brought into check. Yoga and meditation provides an approach to gain skillful thinking. Creating calm, especially when distraction and noise overpower, has also been brought into my awareness. In my opinion, practicing the yoga disciplines initiates a delightful journey towards achieving the expertise and finesse requisite to master one's self. Having much to learn, I appreciate the knowledge gleaned thus far exclusively through Tim Howell's yoga classes. My heart is joyful"

  • Rose M. Young

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner, Tucson Meadows

    "Tim makes each of us feel special and teaches a great class. I feel so much better after a yoga class. It relaxes me and makes me more aware how Yoga helps my body. I am learning how to breathe properly, which helps my lungs."

  • L. L. Taylor

    Tucson Yoga Practitioner

    "I was new to Arizona. I was looking for something to occupy myself that would improve my overall health. I had a severe concussion about 3.5 years ago. The lasting effects were dizzy spells and headaches. A neurologist did certain moves to relocate the crystals within my head. For a while it alleviated the dizziness, but they always returned. Therefore medicine was prescribed. I am always willing to try an alternative to medicine. I had surgery on my neck due to ruptured discs. I still have a couple of discs that are bulged and cause severe pain in my neck and head.
    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia...

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