Tucson Yoga Classes- 13 Friendly Locations, 7 years running…

A Non-Profit Corporation of Arizona.
New Location! Grand Opening March 14th at Palo Verde Church of Christ – 9am classes every Wednesday and Friday

Palo Verde Church is located at 651 S Kolb Rd, on the East side of Kolb between Broadway and 22nd St.

Welcome to Divine Joy Yoga in Tucson, AZ

Discover Tucson’s full-service yoga provider. Founded in 2011, we are celebrating our 7th Year! We serve all levels of practitioners, including the 83 million Americans over the age of 50.  All classes offer enough variety for beginners, baby boomers, seniors and seasoned practitioners. At Divine Joy Yoga, we provide a unique and individualized yoga experience!

13 locations

only $6Divine Joy Yoga is a full service Tucson yoga business. Founded in 2011, we are celebrating our 7th Year! We are locally owned, and focus on your needs in a location convenient for you. Divine Joy Yoga teaches yoga lessons to our clients anywhere in the Tucson area. We make yoga classes in affordable for everyone at only $6 per class, and we provide all the equipment needed so our clients can enjoy the wonderful benefits of yoga. You just show up!

We even provide mats! Just show up

We even provide mats! Just show up!

From young and old, Divine Joy Yoga offers yoga lessons for clients of all ages and stages in life. With 78 million baby boomers, Divine Joy Yoga has a deep commitment to the senior yoga practitioners.

We teach a variety of types of yoga in Tucson including Hatha Yoga, Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, Back Care Yoga, and Meditative Yoga. Divine Joy Yoga teaches all levels from beginning yoga classes, advanced beginning yoga lessons, intermediate yoga and advanced yoga.

You name it, we do our best to accommodate. We are ever learning and determined to provide our clients with the finest yoga lessons on the planet.

Celebrate your mind and spirit. Live happier and healthier. Be mindful and self-aware. Practice yoga. Achieve balance. Feel energized.

For All 13 Tucson Yoga Locations Call: (520) 808-9383

Yoga Classes

“This day and your life… are God’s gift to you, so give thanks and be joyful always!”

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