Read L. L. Taylor’s powerful testimony: A true Tucson story…..WHAT YOGA HAS DONE FOR ME

July 30th, 2013

I was new to Arizona. I was looking for something to occupy myself that would improve my overall health. I had a severe concussion about 3.5 years ago. The lasting effects were dizzy spells and headaches. A neurologist did certain moves to relocate the crystals within my head. For a while it alleviated the dizziness, but they always returned. Therefore medicine was prescribed. I am always willing to try an alternative to medicine. I had surgery on my neck due to ruptured discs. I still have a couple of discs that are bulged and cause severe pain in my neck and head.

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I have thoracic outlet syndrome. I am hypothyroid. I have hyperlipidemia. Sleeping was on the verge of insomnia due to the whole room spinning when I tried to lie down or move from side to side. At 58 years young my body was feeling so fragile and weak.

I feel 28 years old these days. (Smiling) I feel it is due to a year of yoga and lifestyle change. I had never done yoga before. I walked, rode bikes, pilates, exercise, stretching & floor exercises.

On July 30 2012 I started my first yoga class at Sunrise Chapel on Wrightstown. I got lost and arrived about 20 minutes late. Tim welcomed me to the class. I didn’t know what to do or even how to do it. Tim explained every move and demonstrated them as well. He explained how to breathe and why it was important. He gave us handouts on breathing and the yoga poses. Tim’s classes are geared for beginners as well as for yoga practitioners who have experience. He challenges you and keeps you focused throughout the class.

Tim does 10 minutes of yoga off the mat. I was very interested in the barefoot study and study of the spine. It encouraged me to read about yoga and the benefits it could have on your spiritual self and physical body.

It has been exactly one year since I started on my yoga journey. My dizzy spells have diminished. My neck feels great with almost no restrictions. My fibromyalgia flair ups are minimal. My fibro fog (as they call it) has dissipated. My thyroid medication has been lowered. My cholesterol medication was stopped at one point but then had to be resumed to 3 times a week. I have started hiking and walking more often. My balance is remarkable considering I couldn’t balance on one leg before I started yoga.

My strength, focus and flexibility have returned; I have more great days instead of more bad days.

I’m amazed at how much yoga has changed my life. Not expecting anything and got everything. Don’t limit yourself. Believe. Find a class; start your journey to a healthier mind, body and spirit.

This is what yoga has done and continues to do for me. You might want to make a commitment to yourself right now today to change your life.

My ending thought. “For changes to be of any value, they’ve got to be lasting and consistent.”

L. L. Taylor
Yoga practitioner
Joyful Hearts Yoga

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