About Divine Joy Yoga in Tucson, Arizona

yoga classDivine Joy Yoga is a full-service, locally-owned Tucson yoga business that teaches yoga lessons to our clients anywhere in the Tucson area. Founded in 2011, we are celebrating our 7th Year! We provide all the equipment needed so our clients can enjoy the wonderful benefits of yoga.

From young and old, Divine Joy Yoga offers yoga lessons for clients of all ages and stages in life. And with 78 million baby boomers, Divine Joy Yoga has a deep commitment to the senior yoga practitioners.

We teach different types of yoga in Tucson, including Hatha, Gentle, Back Care, and Meditation. Divine Joy Yoga teaches different levels of yoga including: beginning yoga, advanced beginning and intermediate yoga.

You name it, we do our best to accommodate. We are ever learning and determined to provide our clients with the finest yoga lessons on the planet.

Yoga anywhere

“Few souls are as noble as the Locomotive, having the capacity to move in and of itself, and having the power to move others.”

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