stressThere is an invisible epidemic of stress related diseases in the U.S. and few are even aware of it. Did you know that 80% of visits to the doctor are stress related? Most people take around 20 shallow breaths a minute when it should be about 10 deep breaths a minute. The human body has 90 trillion cells, 30 billion brain neurons, 60 thousand miles of blood roads and more lymphatic fluid than it has blood. The lymphatic system is responsible for keeping your immune system strong and you, disease free. How are you oxygenating your wonderfully made body? Your lungs have enough surface that if you laid out all the air ducts and other material it would fill the surface of a tennis court. So, how are you breathing? Did you know that your, self created ego, can make you sick? Most egos, that’s you, suck in the gut so much that the diaphragm can’t do its real job of breathing fully. We have forgotten how to breathe. If you are a parent you remember your newborn as their diaphragms move in and out with a whole lot of oxygenating to that cute little body.

So how can we re-learn how to breathe correctly? Well, learn the yogic breath, which is how we were born to breathe. Go to a yoga class and ask them to teach you ujjayi breath, or victory breathing. Or come to one of my yoga classes as I always give out a hand out on this simple breathing process that you did when you were born. When you breathe shallow your body stays in the sympathetic (stress) nervous system constricting blood flow and lymphatic fluid flow possibly causing disease and stress. When you breathe deeply, your body stays in the parasympathetic (relaxation) nervous system actually dilating all the blood roads and ducts of the lymphatic system. This relaxation response you get from deep correct breathing will even help in your body healing. Practicing yoga helps keep you in this relaxation response. The breath of life has a very deep meaning doesn’t it? Another reason you can take yoga with you 24/7. Well, the choice is yours, breathe shallow or breathe deeply, as you were born to breathe. Choose wisely.

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