Yoga means union. This union we all long for is in the spiritual realm of existence. We all exist in this realm 24/7, it is just that we have forgotten and we don’t explore it consistently enough. Since this material body is temporary, because you are going to die, then yoga says this realm is an illusion. Since the spirit within is eternal, then yoga says this realm is reality and where we need to spend all or our time. This time spent is more likened a state of existence in your mind. If your able to control your thoughts all the time then you can transcend this illusion and practice reality. As you read these words remember that these concepts you should always practice are eternally present already in the spiritual realm and as you practice them you become happier, content and peaceful, moving closer to the real you.

Ahimsa means non-violence in action, word or thought. Can you do this? It is already in perpetual practice in your spiritual eternity, so why don’t you extend it in your illusionary mode? Every action you take causes no harm. No harm to animals, the environment or to other entities, including humans. You can broaden this as wide as you like because we are talking about your path. Non-violence in word means good choices in your vocabulary as it pertains to everything. If you think about it, any negative word that exits your mouth has a vibration that has power in this material world. You won’t find that in spiritual reality. Lastly, your precious thoughts. Vivekananda says, watch your every thought because they are powerful and they travel far. Any negative thought you have is a form of violence isn’t it? When you think, act and speak in this manner you begin to change and move closer to the real you, which is eternal spirit, and it is a whole lot more fun and healthy for the body.

Santosa means being content with what you own, your environment and your lot in life. Yoga says you are really not in control of anything as this world is a proving ground for growth. So grow up and stop wining and complaining like a three year old. By Gods grace you live another heart beat, another breath and have enough to sustain your infinitesimal existence. Am I too firm with my words? Probably not. Keep in mind that Ahimsa or non-violence is the paper that trumps the rock in the stone paper scissors game of kids. If your thoughts are always positive then you have Santosa or contentment don’t you?

Shanti means being at peace. Shanti, shanti, shanti to the whole world is a great prayer. The Lords Prayer is a great prayer for THY KINGDOM COME, so we can enjoy peace all over Gods green earth. But this is not what Shanti really means. The peace that passeth all understanding is the peace, Shanti, or the eternal reality of the spirit. The Kingdom of God is within, as Jesus said. Shanti is you finding peace within FIRST, then peace comes without. All Gods complaining, crying and grumbling children need to start working on moving closer to the reality of their true spiritual natures and start practicing yoga in the physical as well as the emotional. Yes, it takes work to train the mind through meditation and right thinking. But all the masters have told us since the beginning of humanity that it is worth the effort. If you put in the time and consideration then this union and transformation to reality can actually be experienced in this short lifetime. So practice spiritual qualities or stay with the status quo. Choose wisely.

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