yoga pranaWhen you practice yoga and you are breathing deep enough and effortlessly you are moving prana around in your wonderfully made body. What is prana? More to come on that in the next section. I like to tell my practitioners an effective yoga practice is like a washing machine working on the inside of your body cleaning you out. What gets cleaned out are perhaps decades of known and unknown images, destructive cellular memories, unhealthy beliefs that can build up in the body blocking it’s perfect performance. One builds up emotions and experiences in the body and they act like toxins that could effect your immune system and bock that important flow of prana.

Most of America are shallow breathers and they don’t even realize that because of this stress is building up in the body. Stress is the invisible epidemic of our times. Problems with stress can be problems sleeping, headaches, back pain, heart disease, strokes even cancer and other major illnesses. Did you know that 80 percent of all health problems and 60-90 percent of all doctors visits are stress related?

What does all this have to do with prana and the blockages that can be building up in your body? Everything! Prana is the entire intelligence of the universe and it is moving through your body 24/7. Prana is what holds everything in perfect harmony. Prana is the infinite intelligence that has always been with you. So what are you doing with it? Are you allowing it to open up the thousands of energetic pathways of your wonderfully made body? In your yoga practice do you use a sharp awareness to allow that prana to open up your decades of body blockages? One should consider that we are more than the physical body and allow yoga to get them out of the stress zone and into that relaxation response that yoga provides so as to allow the body to heal. Will you show up on the yoga mat and move your prana or stay in the shallow breath of stress? Choose wisely.

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