yoga meditationIn the movie “Heat”, Jack Nicholson said to Al Pacino, if your not ready to leave all you have and start all over then you can’t be a master thief. We all have attachments and Yoga says that one cannot find the direct experience of eternal life if you have an attachment. The one truth that cuts through all intellectual understanding throughout history is… one can experience their Creator through meditation. Yoga believes if you are attached to something then you will never experience this eternal truth.

Can you become attached to your ego? Sure, one already thinks they know, using the pea brain, to describe the Creator of the universe. One only pretends to know the Creator through what they have been taught and exposed to through their chosen religion. This is the problem with humanity. We attempt to use our intellect to describe and argue about the Creator of the universe. We say my beliefs are better that yours and your religion is wrong. Let me ask America, when we slaughtered thousands of Indians and put them on reservations so we could call this nation our own, what Creator do you think those Indians were worshiping? Which Creator is the right one? Which Creator of the 4000 different denominations we have here in America is the right one. Which Creator do the other 95% of the world worship? America only makes up 5% of the world population. Why do we feel that we have the answer as to who one should worship. Sometimes I get tired of all the judgment that goes on here with all my neighbors.
You may love your new sandals. You finally found a pair that you adore. No more blisters and the comfort is back. If you lose those sandals, than you are brokenhearted. You may find a pair of scissors that are German made and manufactured with precision that are unmatched by others and if you lose them you are brokenhearted. In Yoga there is only one truth. Put the mind aside and experience the Creator for yourself through meditation. Did you know that you have a pineal gland that is located in the brain between the eyes. This is your third eye and it only becomes activated during dream sleep which is unconscious and conscience when you are meditating? When will America just meditate and experience the Creator and stop the arguments and killing other eternal beings? The word meditate and meditation is in the Bible 26 times!

When the rich man asked Jesus, what do I have to do to have eternal life? Jesus said, sell all you have and give it to the poor and follow me. Hey, this was just a 3.5 year job. Jesus taught just 3.5 years. Would you be willing today to give up your new sandals and precision scissors to find eternal life? Can you set your ego aside and all you own including your loved ones to directly experience your Creator? This is Yoga, it cuts deep doesn’t it? Choose wisely.

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