Yoga means Union. The supreme and ultimate goal in this life on this material plane of existence is to experience Union between your eternal, all knowing, blissful soul and the Spirit of the Creator. Bhakti Yoga means an intense devotion toward whoever your or this Creator is. Why is this the only path of truth? Because whoever your Creator is, you have finally surrendered to someone or something other than the most boring topic on this planet, yourself. You have finally set aside the I, Me, Mine, Us, Them, the Ego, the Mind, which is the biggest destroyer and bitterest subject since the beginning of humanity. The nicest thing about Bhakti Yoga is one doesn’t have to argue about who the Creator is. Religion is out of the question. As a matter of fact, Yoga in any type you choose, doesn’t involve religion, as most are ignorant to this fact. Arguing about religion is not selfless service because you are still in the equation. You are trying to be right with your point of view as being better than theirs. Don’t you see that this Ego, which we all have, is what keeps us from selflessness? Selflessness, which we all could use more of, take the I and the Me out of the equation of who is the best, who is right and who is wrong. There is no right and wrong in any of Yoga’s philosophies. In any Yoga path you choose, if you have enough discipline to dive deep enough, it will transform your life as you discover a oneness to us all.

So, how do you practice Bhakti Yoga? Well, why don’t I take you through just how I practice Bhakti Yoga, at least when I am able to remember who I really am with all of life’s distractions. In this dimension on this planet is one of endless diversions to take your mind’s eye from the real prize. I recently told many of the yoga classes I taught about a way of practicing selfless service which is another phrase for Bhakti Yoga. The thoughts and words I shared with these wonderful practitioners were not my own. I did not invent the larynx, the throat and the air that passes through to make the sound of the words they were hearing. I did not create the language that I was using, and the mind that organizes my thoughts were not invented by me. Lets go deeper, shall we? I don’t will my heart to beat or my lungs to breathe and my digestive juices to flow and my eyes to blink. The energy I have to allow me to get out of bed to earn money to sustain by body and the foolish pleasures I perpetually seek is not an energy I can duplicate. All material things are made up of atoms and this may be hard for you to believe, but I did not create the atom either. I did not create the air that sustains me or the food that I need to survive. When one can be humble enough to commit completely to a greater power and devote every action they take to worship of this power they are practicing Bhakti Yoga. They are in a selfless service mode of existence which is closer to a transcendental platform or spiritual realm than exploitation. Exploitation in yoga means using this precious, free and clear, priceless human body for simple enjoyment of the senses. Tibetan Yogi’s say it would be a shame to exploit the body instead of using it to search for the supreme ultimate goal which is union with the Creator. Selfless service will always bring you more happiness because you are working at moving towards your natural Self and exploitation always brings misery. So shall one practice selfless service or exploitation? Choose wisely.

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