meditationDo you remember those vinyl records we use to play when we were much younger? Yeah, the ones we would play music on Edison’s phonograph. Well try to imagine all your mind and body’s actions all compressed on one vinyl record. The grooves on both sides of your favorite vinyl record make up all your actions and thought processes since the beginning of time. Your time that is. Of course since you are eternal, unborn, indestructible and immutable then this vinyl record has been with you a long, long time. But what of your own personal grooves you have warn into this circular priceless heirloom. Yoga calls these grooves samskaras.

Samskara is a Sanskrit word which means, embedded in the subconscious mind. This for most, is tough to change since this is all embedded in the subconscious mind. Examples of samskaras can be bad habits and vices, anger, fear, lust, stubbornness, superciliousness, egotistical, negativity, hatred, jealousy, prejudices, selfishness, obsessive, arrogant, impatience, compulsive, judgmental, opinionated, impure thoughts, impulsive, can’t let go or forgive, blame, guilt, dependency and all your actions of the body good or not so good. These are all the things that make up who you have chosen to be and the stuff you like or not like to do. It is your own personal record and for most we are not proud of it and we certainly don’t want to play it for anyone, do we? Yoga says you carry this record around through thousands of lifetimes and it becomes hard to shake off all these habits, thoughts, actions or samkaras.

Ask any researcher familiar with meditation and they will tell you when you meditate consistently you actually change the physicality of the brain. Your brain rewrites itself a new look, a new change of clothes. Yoga says that you can even overcome death as you change the grooves of your record through meditation. If you are a true yogi then you meditate and search for your true SELF, that eternal soul within. When you experience who you really are through meditation then your record becomes as smooth as glass with no grooves anymore and you have transformed even death. Yoga says when you reach this state of knowledge you don’t have to return to this kindergarten playground anymore unless you want to. You can travel to higher realms of the universe and continue evolving to high school, and as far as you like.

The reason one has to rewrite the “grooves” is because if not, what have you learned? Do you really believe and hope something of a miracle will happen to you and all will be wiped clean? What will you have learned, I ask again? You have to do the hard work yourself if you seek transformation. There are other paths to transformation but that is in another blog. Transform or do it over again? Choose wisely.

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