First off, in order for one to understand this blog and agree with it, One must realize that they are in control of nothing. Yoga says you are in control of nothing. Someone changed your diapers when you came into this world and it is a good possibility that the same will happen before you leave. You don’t tell your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe and the water you drink, the food you eat, the air you breathe, you did not invent, did you? You don’t tell the wind to blow, the rain to come or the temperature to be a certain degree, do you?

Christ said, according to the Bible, Love THE CREATOR, with all your mind, heart, soul and strength. Religion does this but.. only with the mind and heart, right? What? Parishioners read scripture using their minds and love with their hearts, but… where is the soul and strength?

How do you love THE CREATOR with your soul and strength? Yogananda was the author of 50 yoga books. Yogananda, was a master of this material existence and says, the soul and strength come from deep meditation. Yogananda says if you don’t want to come back here for more diaper changes you MUST use your pineal gland! Activating the pineal gland, we all have one, to seek the Kingdom within. By the way, masters of ALL religions have told us throughout humanity’s existence to do this. Meditate and find the KINGDOM WITHIN. Did the Pope talk about the pineal gland. Do the pulpits of the world talk of this GOD given pineal gland? NO! If they did, they would have to open more books and change the whole path of the mind and heart. This would bring a loss of control in this material existence and they don’t need that. When you search with all your strength and soul it means months and years of meditation. When you accomplish this you are “Born Again of the Spirit”, and you change worlds. You love everyone!

The mind and heart separates, doesn’t it? The strength of consistent meditation and soul searching doesn’t separate because it is not words and a feeling of we are right, but a nonverbal experience of transformation. Yoga says, and all the masters since the beginning say to seek and experience the spirit within using the pineal gland. This culture is one big corporate commercial and it likes it like that. And you like it too don’t you? Why, money, money, money. Desire and Ego of thinking YOU are in control. Why go with the status quo? If you do your, diapers will be changed like everyone else. Make a decision to take the other path!!! This decision is really quite simple, and transformative if you have the strength. If you do, yoga says, you shall never have to return to this material existence again! It is as plain as the pointed hat on the Pope’s head. Use the mind and the heart and suffer illusion and separate. Or use all your strength finding the KINGDOM or soul within and find eternal reality? Choose wisely.

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