The 4th leaf of the 2nd branch of yoga is called Svadhyaya, which means the study of sacred scriptures of other cultures. This leaf also suggests one study the Self. The Self is who you really are and you can find this Truth in many books throughout history. Many have a habit of reading only one book, the bible, but if you open your mind and expend energy beyond the status quo you may actually free your mind. Isn’t freeing your mind a way of loving everyone, opening up with no judgements and live and let live? This is yoga, we are all one, we love each other. We act as the Tibetans say act, treat and love each other equally because at some point everyone has been your parent. When you study other cultures and sacred scriptures you realize humanity has been in existence for millions of years and much has been written about these times, not just the last 6000 years written in the bible. Yoga says there are 4 ages of humanity and we are now living in the darkest age which will last another 400,000 years. If you think things are dark now then wait till you return in your next lifetime and the one after that. This Kali Yuga age of darkness we are in now includes the time of the bible. Was there a better time before this age? Certainly, hey, read a book and find out for yourself. Turn off the TV and do some research and don’t except the hand downs from your parents. You have and are being lied to, do you even care? Most don’t. In my experience less than 1% are driven to seek Truth which is why we living in this dark age of the Kali Yuga.

The bible was at the end of the 3rd age which was Dwapara Yuga. In this time we lived for a thousand years. Now we live for one hundred years. Does it seem a bit odd we lost 900 years from our lives? This is why I love yoga. Yoga gives all the correct answers, but why and how? Because the Yoga masters actually worked hard at finding Truth. They spent as long as it took to tap into Truth through meditation. They actually experienced different points of time by tapping into the Cosmic Consciousness or Infinite Intelligence. When was the last time you did this? Well I am going to end this blog with the 10’s. In the first age of humanity, which lasted 1.7 million years our bodies lived for 100,000 years. This age yoga calls the Satya Yuga or Golden Age. In the second age, Treta Yuga, our bodies lived for 10,000 years. So, just count the numbers and one can easily see that Truth goes back a long time and we need to except a lot more from just the bible. Free your mind and realize that you may at the most know 1% of all knowledge and your ego keeps getting in the way of your happiness. When you start loving everyone as your parent then your stress comes down and you can concentrate on doing what you supposed to be doing. We should all be seeking our way home through meditation. Meditation will not only help calm and train the mind but also help you find Union with your Creator. Yoga means Union and this is the Truth that has always been and always will be. You are an eternal, all loving, blissful and all knowing soul. Great things can come from you or you can keep the status quo. Choose wisely.

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