Right between your eyes, the most important gland in the UniverseWell it may not be as easy as it seems to move toward blissfulness and away from sorrow. The spirit is blissful and the mind can produce sorrow. Knowledge of the mind and the consequences of what you think can go a long way in helping one avoid the path of sorrow.
The law of karma may not be what you think it is. One of the best descriptions we have for the law of karma comes from Jesus the Christ, “As ye sow so shall ye reap”.
According to yoga, this action can be physical and mental in its definition. I think for most of us we are aware that if we harm another with our actions and words it can in effect double back on us eventually. But most may not know that if you even have one negative thought it can be the difference between a good day and a lousy one. Every thought you have is karma too and can have a tremendous effect on the quality of your life.
There are 5 afflictions of humanity. Five absolutes that keep us from staying in our natural state which is eternal spirit. Negative thoughts are not spiritual. The 5 afflictions of humanity are, ignorance, ego, attachment, aversion or dislike, and fear of death. How can your thoughts help you avoid these afflictions and keep you in your natural state which is eternal spirit? Know that you don’t know everything, know that the ego is self serving, destroy your attachments and aversions and know you are eternal. None of the 5 afflictions are a fruit of the spirit are they? Since this is a fact then move toward a happier you simply by your freedom of thought.
Watching every thought is a huge step toward a strong spiritual yogic life and a good karmic experience. The thought processes you have can stay with you for thousands of lifetimes and become habits just like bad physical habits that can linger with you through many lifetimes.
This is the karma of yoga. So one may need to burn all them off in this lifetime. We need to grow up in this lifetime otherwise what will you learn and how can you evolve? Some people may take these words too lightly but be sure they are powerful. Every thought has power and travel great distances and times. Choose your thoughts wisely.

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