meditationYour mind goes through 60,000 thoughts per day and 95% of these thoughts are repeats from the day before. How does one slow this process down? How can one even know that the mind is not who you really are? These thoughts can define our path, our moods and how we interact with others. Yoga calls any negative thought a type of violence. Self compassion is to be practiced as a way to negate negative self thought. Any negative thoughts of others is a form of violence according to yoga. So, you can literally carry yoga with you 24 hours a day as you watch these precious thoughts. But how does one purify the mind with yoga? How can one clean it all out and enjoy a moving toward the perfect, loving, immortal, blissful, desire less spirit and move away from the material world of the American way?

Avoid and recognize the minds powerful impurities that can clog and prevent awareness of the emotional and mental faculties. Examples include, buried trauma, known and unknown mental images, repressed feelings, emotional baggage, belief systems, preconceptions, pride of compartmentalized thinking, and other mental garbage the ego has created that you have allowed. Your mind has distorted your reality and hijacked your soul! Your mind has helped you live estranged from your true self. Most have become convinced that we are defined by our bodies, careers, possessions, nationalities, preferences, beliefs and while one try’s to rest the body to sleep that mind just keeps going and going and going. So what can we do to purify the mind through yoga?

There must be a new unlearning process based on self knowledge. One must strip away layer by later of mind habits and move closer towards spirit and away from matter, the two opposing forces of this universe. This process requires hard work at practices like meditation and contemplative processes. This process is a proven scientific method that has been successful down through the centuries. There is no doubt that one can have indestructible bliss through meditative and contemplative techniques. I guess the most profound example of all this is your pineal gland of the brain. This gland only becomes active when one meditates. Will you activate your pineal gland in this lifetime of continue to suffer? Choose wisely.

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