men and yogaYes, the same professional athletes, and superstars that play football, baseball, basketball, hockey, golf, soccer, rugby, and other professional sports all practice yoga. Why? Because their trainers know it will help with their longevity, help keep them injury free, improve flexibility, help with recovery and back pain, makes for better sex, raises energy levels, increases strength and muscle tone, improves athletic performance, instills superior balance and body control, provides better sleep, reduces stress and minimizes its harmful effects on the body, helps relax you mentally and physically, and trains your focus and concentration so you can perform at your peak—in The Zone.

Yoga is a fantastic exercise system with 5,000 years of proven benefits to the body and mind. Medical evidence is mounting to prove all this and much more as to why all men should be practicing yoga. If you want to get it great shape, maybe the best shape of your life then yoga is the practice for you. Yoga is a great way to add to what you are already doing to stay in shape.

Golfer, David Duval practices yoga 30 minutes a day. Heisman Trophy winner, Eddie George does yoga as does Dan Marino. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, says yoga added 5 years to his career. Football star, Shannon Sharpe is a yogi as well as pitcher, Al Leiter and pitcher, and Cy Young Award winner, Barry Zito. Kevin Garnett, NBA superstar has been practicing yoga since 1995. I could go on and on as to how these athletes, and all the rest, respect yoga because it is challenging and the benefits are unsurpassed. Yoga simply is and intelligent approach to improving the awareness of the body. Yoga is a terrific way to open up your wonderfully made body and remove blockages and dismiss toxins for vibrant health. Hey, real men do yoga, what are you doing?

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