Right between your eyes, the most important gland in the UniverseWhat is the only gland in your body that activates when you dream and when you meditate? Your pineal gland is located in your brain right between your eyes. It is commonly known and called the third eye. It is simply the most important gland in the Universe, since the beginning of human history and you ownit. Will you use it? Most won’t. Jesus said the words “single eye”, referring to this third eye. In Matthew 6:22, and Luke 11:34, Jesus said, ’The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light”. Ask anyone from the east and they will tell you that Jesus was referring to the third eye, located in your brain as the pineal gland right between your two physical eyes. Your regular two eyes are the physical eyes and the third eye is the spiritual eye. Frequently when Yogananda’s third eye was activated he could see in a 360 degree area and through all matter. Read Autobiography of a Yogi, by Yogananda, if you dare!

So, how can the most important gland in the Universe have anything to do with whether you walk on the material path or the spiritual path? Let’s imagine the material path first. This path is filled with how you were brought up, such as beliefs and religion, which separate us, decades of holidays, year after year of the same boring pleasures, buying jewelry, cars, clothes, houses that attempt to define us and feed the never satisfied ego. The same old movie your parents experienced with death being the end. Hey, I already know the ending of this movie, so why would I want to take this path? I already know the end of this movie, of ego and fulfilling the pleasures of the flesh. Boring and suffering, huh? Just admit it to yourself as after decades of the same old stuff that leads to death and suffering, why continue along? You do have a choice.

Now, let’s walk the complete opposite way of the spiritual third eye, pineal gland path. Yogananda, (I dare you to read any of his 50 books), says when you meditate, if you think the music of this world is nice, the astral music is far more wonderful. They say Yogananda helped join the east to the west in helping us realize who we really are. Did your parents listen to astral music on the materialistic path? Did how you were taught, ever mention this astral music? Do you even care? Remember, the path you are already on is an ending you already know, don’t you? Yogananda says that, the radiant grandeur of the spiritual astral world, cannot even compare to the material world. Have you heard of this before from your parents? Yogananda says that the spiritual astral world which you experience through meditation and activating the pineal gland is indescribably beautiful. Words cannot even begin to describe this world. Why do we attempt to use words to intellectualize the Creator of the Universe? Religion attempts this doesn’t it? Yoga is not a religion, but the path of truth that has been with us since the beginning of time. Yoga is simply a precious journey on the other path to help you discover your true Self. Which path will you choose? Will you choose to activate through spiritual meditation the most important gland in the Universe? Or experience the same old ending of the materialistic movie your parents did? Choose wisely.

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