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Yoga classes for seniors

yoga for seniors

Yoga is the owners manual for your wonderfully made body. It is the perfect tool for your physical, physiological and psychological health. By practicing yoga on a regular basis, older individuals can ensure that they maintain their flexibility and avoid various health problems.

Physiological health means stuff on your insides. Your liver, kidneys and spleen get a deep well needed massage with your diaphragm through deep breathing.

When you twist the 24 vertebrae of your spine and breathe deeply these organs get massaged and your body begins to sing.

Yes, we teach you to breathe deeply in your yoga class. The average lungs use only one sixth of their breathing capacity. If you hold a twist for 3 to 5 minutes, which you will do in your yoga practice, you will also effect your gall bladder, pancreas, large and small intestines, heart and lungs.

Can it get any better? And what about your beautiful spine? When you practice yoga you restore the youthfulness back to your spine by moving it 7 different ways. Forward bending and backbends, side bends, twists and elongations of the spine all take a cumulative effect to bring back elasticity to the spinal discs. Your spine also calcifies starting at the age of 35. Since your over 50 you may consider reversing this process through your consistent yoga practice. Gravity takes its effect on all of us 24/7. Inversions or upside down yoga poses help the body transform to a more youthful condition.

Your body has 60,000 miles of blood roads and your body has 3 times more lymphatic fluid than it has blood. As your body relaxes in your yoga practice all the vessel ducts expand allowing this precious fluid to irrigate, nourish and oxygenate the way it was born to. All this benefit your immune system keeping you disease free. The glands of your body and brain get benefit too. Your most important gland, the pituitary gland gets a wake up call as well as the hypothalamus and pineal glands of the brain. Your digestion improves along with your virility, bone density, strength, prostate gland, urinary bladder, and you sleep better.

The thing about yoga is you can intellectualize all you want about starting your practice using your 30 billion brain neurons and 50 trillion brain cells, but your body will be the determining factor in the end. Just bring your body into your first class and let the intelligence of the body decide if you need to continue this 5,000 year-old science of health. Yoga is the most popular exercise in the history of humanity. Just show up and see for yourself!

Your body can be rigid or juicy, youthful or old…choose wisely.

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