Yoga in Your Home

Discover yoga on your own or with friends in your spare room or on your patio. Whether you are a novice or a natural, we will come to you and you can save the gas money for your lesson. You don’t even need a mat- just a smile and quiet place.

Private Yoga Session Packages

Introductory Special: $55

1 hour yoga practice

Introductory Package: $150

3 One-hour sessions Plus 2 free yoga mats

Post Introductory Prices

1 One-hour session: $55

2 One-hour sessions: $100

3 One-hour sessions: $150

4 One-hour sessions: $190

5 One-hour sessions: $230

For other offers please contact us.

yoga in your home

“Submit to a daily practice. Your loyalty to that is a ring at the door. Keep knocking, and eventually the joy inside will look out to see who is there.”

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