cauliflowerIn Yogananda’s book, Autobiography of a Yogi, there is a chapter about the Cauliflower Robbery. Yogananda was 10 years with his master, in India, back in the 1920’s, and the boys of the school left the ashram to go to the nearby ocean. Yogananda’s master asked him if he had locked the ashram’s rear door. Yogananda told his master that he had indeed locked the door. His master closed his eyes for several minutes and replied that the back door was not locked and we will all return to the ashram.

The group stopped on a ridge overlooking the ashram so they could view the ashram from a distance. The master told Yogananda that if in fact the door was unlocked he would have to discipline Yogananda. Earlier in the story Yogananda had brought his master 5 cauliflowers with great enthusiasm for the dinner the same night. Yogananda put all the cauliflowers under his bed.

As the master and the boys watched the ashram from above, the master told them to watch the man walking away from the ashram. He told them that soon the man would turn around and walk toward the ashram. They all watched and in fact the man turned around, walked into the back door of the ashram. The man came out of the back door holding one cauliflower and as he tossed it up and down in his hands he was dancing too! Yogananda rushed into the ashram and found that his valuables which were left on the top of his bed were not missing and only the one cauliflower was missing.

What does all this have to do with yoga and Jesus saying that we are gods? Yoga is simply a journey of self discovery underlining the one Truth of all religions. That you are the spark of the fire of your Creator. You are the wave in the ocean of your Creator. That this is your eternity and your immortality. Jesus also said, these miracles you will do also and greater things too. Do you believe it? Yogananda’s master put into the mind of the man to only steal the one cauliflower and leave the rest alone. Did Yogananda’s master unlock the door too so that this chapter would be written and my words would be written also? This is a miracle! You can choose to believe who you are or not. Choose wisely.

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