So, here you are, a yoga teacher, good for you, as you are teaching the most important thing in the history of humanity! But why would you only teach 13% of what yoga really is? If you teach only the physical and physiological benefits of yoga then you are only teaching 13% of yoga! And you proudly call yourself a yoga teacher? Shame on you for selling out to yoga! You actually should call yourself a politician as you want only to appeal to the masses and make money. This lonely profession, real Yoga teaching, is NOT a popularity contest! If you are not teaching the emotional, spiritual and psychological benefits of yoga then you are teaching a fake yoga class. You are a fraud. And you have the audacity to call yourself a yoga teacher?
Am I mad? Am I fed up? YOU BET!!! The emotional, spiritual and psychological benefits of yoga are probably what America and the world needs the most of! Not the physical!

This world is in trouble because of the word, separation. We have actually, because of our cultures and belief systems convinced ourselves that we are separate from one another. In fact, we are all ONE. We come from the same “stuff”, THE CREATOR!

Most seem to think that they are the “doer”. The Doer means that YOU are the one that does stuff in your life! Well let me ask you, if I might continue my ranting. Did the great you make your body? Do you, oh
great one, will your own digestion? Do you put air in your lungs? Do you beat your own heart? Please tell me if this is you and you shall be the next Messiah!

How is America going to know what Yoga really is unless my colleagues really teach the other 87% of what Yoga really IS? When will my colleagues quit selling out to there chosen profession as politicians do, and start doing their jobs!!! You call yourself a yoga teacher? Teach yoga!!! Teach the other 87% so America and the world can realize a “oneness”, which is real TRUTH! Am I mad?

My pathetic words can not even begin to describe how mad I am! But, yoga has taught me, love for ALL, patience, peace, contentment, tranquility, harmony, understanding, joyfulness, bliss and discipline to stick to my guns at all costs! I say, if you not learning the spiritual, emotional and psychological benefits of yoga in your experience at your yoga studio, then you are in a FAKE yoga class!

Most Americans think yoga is weird and Hinduism, but if you become a real yoga teacher, then we can change the world!!! Do you want to be just a fake yoga teacher? Or do you want to change the world. Choose wisely!!!!!

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