flowersCan one have negative thoughts that can create a sickness in the body? It happens everyday and until we start monitoring our thoughts we can never be truly happy with ourselves and our interaction with others will suffer. Yoga wants to teach you to lift your consciousness always to a higher level. A level at the heart and not in the belly where the mind resides. In the mind resides the ego which you have created and it is unique as everyone has a different ego they have created. How to lift your consciousness and enjoy life is to simply watch your thoughts. Yoga says you are not your thoughts.

The real you is your spirit or soul. This you is eternal, perfect, blissful and it has no desires. This real you loves everyone and everyone else’s real them loves you. The problem with the violent mind is that it has hijacked the soul. We have forgotten our divinity. We have lost our way and allowed the belly where the mind and ego are to rule the soul.

A good example of living in the heart is if I felt I needed to give money to the poor. This comes from the heart or the soul. If it is tax time and I need to donate money for tax purposes this would come from the mind or ego. So where can the violence come from in the mind? Yoga says every time you have a negative thought about yourself or someone else you are creating violence. This simple observation of the mind can keep yoga with you 24/7 and means yoga is not just accomplished on your mat. Isn’t that a wonderful thing? You can take yoga with you all day long and move closer toward the real you and away from the belly where the mind and ego reside. Live in the belly or live in the heart. Choose wisely.

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