We all have been given a hard to obtain, free human body, according to the Tibetan’s, it would be a cause of great regret to waste it on an irreligious life or worldly gains. Your wonderfully made body is priceless and precious. When the Tibetan’s wrote their secret doctrines their life expectancy was only 37 years. They only had a short time to find liberation from this material existence instead of going after just pleasure. Moving to the thirteenth chapter of the Bhagavad Gita we find similarities and could end up the “Knower of the Lamborghini”, shall we see? Remember the Bhagavad Gita is a yoga book and I am a fulltime yoga teacher so lets continue our path down the road of truth.

In the thirteenth chapter, Krishna talks of the knower and the field, or environment. The knower is you and the field or environment is the body you reside in. You are ONLY the knower if you agree that you are not the field but an immortal soul, spirit or however you wish to define it. You just know that you are not the body or field. In this situation Krishna states only two paths of fact. One path seeks only pleasure and exploits this field or environment and never is interested in liberation. This path is a waste according to the Tibetan’s and all sages, masters, avatars and all the rest throughout mankind’s existence. This path is a never ending cycle of pleasure and pain and never will reach the indestructible bliss that Yogananda spoke of.

On the other path, the knower of the field seeks liberation through scientific works of yoga and meditation. This path is the most enjoyable and blissful and happiest because working toward a more spiritual path is nearer to our native state which is spirit. The spirit is perfect, desire less, loving, joyful, peaceful, patience, content, and harmonious. Were we put on this planet to just exploit the field, body or environment with selfish ego driven pleasure seeking? Yoga means union and in the 8th branch of yoga, through meditation you find a union between your eternal spirit and that of the Creator of Love. This is the ultimate goal in life and we have been told to seek this path all throughout history. Krishna does not care which path you take because he is not judging you but making the pronouncement that there will always be two paths and most will walk on the pleasure path.
Whichever direction you decide to travel in this lifetime, don’t exploit the Lamborghini, but instead, choose wisely.

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