Yoga means union. This union can also be described as a type of yoke Jesus spoke of when two are joined. This joining is between your immortal, all knowing and blissful soul and that of the Creator. This is the supreme, ultimate and only goal of this material existence, according to yoga. This awesome goal can also include simply working to become as spiritual as possible in action, word and thought, which is Karma Yoga. Yoga says if you choose to exploit this material existence by just eating, drinking, procreating, defending and whatever else one may do to avoid moving toward a spiritual yoga path, then you have wasted this lifetime. You have been given a body, brain and consciousness free and clear and you have wasted it away.

This material world is topsy-turvy or upside down to where it should be and use to be, isn’t it? I am going to use the Bhagavad Gita’s Banyan tree to illustrate what I am trying to show. Krishna tells Arjuna of the Bhagavad Gita that this material world is likened to the banyan tree. The banyan trees branches actually hang and push their way into the ground where one cannot tell the difference between the roots and the branches. So what should be lifted up is down and vise versa. In this realm there is always someone who has to complain or say a negative word about something else or someone else. That popular saying, you would complain if you were hung with a new rope. In the spiritual world there is no negative anything. Why can’t we have this type of existence NOW?

Nature sacrifices all it has all the time, doesn’t it? Exploiters always take, take and take. We kill and eat the animals, we pollute to environment and we rape the resources for selfish reasons. In short we do whatever we want to do and act, talk and think in the same manner and this is NOT good Karma Yoga. On the spiritual platform the sacrifice is for each other or they serve each other like the foot washing Jesus did for his apostles. You get the picture, one type is a dark one and the other is light. Real eternal truth is when you walk toward the light. When are you going to humble yourself and except what yoga has been telling you since the beginning of humanity? Unless you work every second, or at least as often as possible, at being more spiritual then you are going to have to come back and try it again in the next lifetime. It certainly is a lot more satisfying when you focus on spiritual rather than material and is it better for your health too. The True Self is perfect and spiritual so this is why your happier when you take this path, because your closer to who you really are. So, you can cut your banyan trees branches so they can grow upward to the heavens or you can keep the status quo. Choose wisely.

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