The Seven Divinely Planned ExitsThe light of seven golden candlesticks, the seven angles and the seven stars of the book of revelation. What does this have to do with yoga? Your soul is waiting for you to release it back to it’s creator. The place where it came from. A reunion back with your creator. A “union”, which is what yoga means.

Yoga means union with you and your creator whom ever that is to you. We have 6 billion souls on this planet and each precious soul has a different idea of their creator. Let them all be on their own path and concentrate on your own path. But know this, it is your job to work hard at returning back home.

These seven Divinely planned exits or “trap doors”, as Yogananda describes are in your body and you live in each one every day. The “mansion” of your own body has seven exits. Are you moving toward the final door or are you stuck in the lower dungeons? How can you release your soul to the final door of indestructible bliss? Well yoga says, you have seven chakras in your wonderfully made spine. These wheels of energy hold the entire infinite intelligence, the cosmic conciseness. These chakras are listed in your spine from the bottom up as, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury, Moon and Sun. Most yoga practitioners live in the lower chakras, which are below the heart or Venus center. Are you a yoga practitioner? Yes you are, in this lifetime or another, as yoga is the truth of the ages.

So how do you, as a yoga practitioner, going to get your seven on? First live in Venus, the heart center, then move on to Mercury, the throat center. Choose you words wisely and think before you speak, be gentle. Move to the next “trap door” or Divinely planned exits to the Moon center where you brain in involved with the study of truth. This truth is knowing you must meditate and find a quite place to find union with your creator. This small world we live on spinning in space is all about us isn’t it? The final door places you with the “few” that will find eternal life. This “final door”, Sun center located between your eyes, which is your pineal gland, and described as Christ did as the “single eye” where you want to work for in this lifetime.

This center is where you need to be isn’t it? Wide is the way that leads to ignorance by living below the heart or Venus center. Quit kidding yourself, you know yoga is truth, don’t you? Yoga is deep isn’t it? It is hard work, huh? Meditate and move your conciseness back up the divinely planned exits to the union with your creator. This is yoga and this is what I teach at Joyful Hearts Yoga in Tucson, Arizona. Do you want to walk the path or not? Choose wisely.

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