There are many secret doctrines of the Tibetan Yogis. As a matter of fact I own a book titled Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines, Seven Books of Wisdom of the Great Path. I don’t actually own anything though, including this book, according to the Tibetan’s, and I certainly shouldn’t waste my energy accumulating anything in this lifetime. Anyway, this is a book of many “tens” which I will share a few in this blog.

Examples include, ten causes or regret, ten things to be done, ten things to be avoided, ten errors, ten grievous mistakes and ten signs of a superior person to name just a few.

Most of these tens are urging the disciple or truth seeker to focus all energy toward the pursuit of the supreme path, the true Self, which is our native state, which is eternal Spirit. The Tibetan’s on average lived only to the ripe age of 37 back in the days when these truths were written down so one can see why they wrote with such immediacy.

Well here is a list of my favorites from the book. One should seek the spiritual path as if they were mortally wounded by an arrow. Boy, this implies there isn’t a second to lose. One should seek the spiritual path with such intensity as a mother searching for her only lost child. Having received this difficult-to-obtain, free, human body, it would be a cause of regret to fritter life away and die an irreligious and worldly man who wasted time on worldly aims and pursuits. Study the teachings of the Great Sages of all sects impartially. This comes right from the second branch of yoga a niyama, or observance, which is self study. Avoid people, and actions which distract, annoy and impede thy spiritual development. We must know the body is transitory and attachment to worldly things is inferior to spiritual progress. Spiritual knowledge, when dawned in oneself should be cultivated with ceaseless vigilance. Persevere in solitude until the mind hath been yogically disciplined. To have little pride, few desires, lack hypocrisy, allow others the victory, and to differ from the multitude in every thought and action are signs of a superior person. Our body being illusory and transitory, it is useless to give over-much attention to it, and labor over making a home in this world and the acquisition of worldly things. Having resolved to attain the Highest Goal, abandon selfishness and devote thyself to the service of others and know we are all interdependent.

Well, I have run out of space for this blog. Buy this book but you won’t own it according to the Tibetan’s. You can be intense as you search for the Ultimate Goal in life or you can stay your current course. Choose wisely.

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