The title of this blog comes from the second chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, the Yoga of Wisdom. The Bhagavad Gita is one of India’s Holiest Books. In this timeless book Krishna is the main character and represents the eternal, perfect, all knowing, blissful human soul, or a God or The Creator of the Universe. The other main character is Arjuna who is the weak flesh of humanity, or the demonic mind of unbelieving humanity. This wonderful book is all about the classic struggle between light and dark or good and evil, or ruler ship and surrender. As we read on in this blog perhaps you can set aside your ego long enough to realize that you are not the doer and you never have been. You have been allowed here to learn and you will stay here until you do. You don’t advance to a higher realm until you graduate from this one. According to yoga a huge reset of time is not going to happen to get you to graduate and you can’t skip ahead because you followed a particular religion. There is no separation in yoga and religion separates, doesn’t it? If you separate from anyone and don’t treat everyone as one then WHAT HAVE YOU LEARNED? You have to grow up on your own and start thinking differently if you ever want to move to a higher plane of existence. If you factor in eternity then everyone will eventually make it so why don’t you start giving everybody a break and just let them take whatever path they choose and start working on your own trip.

The Tibetans make a great point when they talk of ONENESS. The Tibetans say to treat everyone with loving kindness because they were probably your parent in a previous life. How can this possibly be? Have I really lived so many other existences? Well you could ask yourself, can I possibly be smart enough to even get to my particular level in only one lifetime? You have heard the term “old soul” haven’t you? I am sure you have even met a young child who you deemed as an old soul. This type of wisdom takes hard work and commitment to work on proper thinking. A type of determination to grow, learn, read or change your thinking patterns. This type of change takes many lifetimes to accomplish. You can’t get this type of wisdom in one lifetime. Your first lifetime I can assure you was spent in the sensory world enjoying the flesh and ego of ruling things your way. If you become an “old soul” you grow tired of the status quo and look for a more familiar state of mind. This other quality comes from the real you which is the perfect eternal soul. Rumi says, “what you seek is seeking you.” You know where you need to be on the path, but there are just too many egos stuck in your way.

Now, lets bring it all home so we can start loving everyone just like they have done in the spiritual world since the beginning of time. Oh you have already been in this spiritual world. You have already enjoyed this spiritual realm, but you wanted to explore the material existence and become master and cabinet maker for a time or too. Problem is your stuck and you can’t seem to figure out how to get back. Well, start your journey back by telling your brain that from now on it will love everyone and all thoughts will be of love from now on. Tell your demonic dark brain that we are all one and you will from this day forth put others first ahead of yourself. If you have lived many different lives then you have been many different people, colors, a different sex, careers, sizes, religions, and according to yoga even 8.4 million other creatures from an amoeba to who you are now. One day I will have a conversation with the Creator that will go something like this, remember when I was a giraffe? So, we are either all a oneness or we are not. Choose wisely.

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