Yoga says we may live at the ultimate human recycling place. Sow bad karma and you probably won’t make it back here again. If you’re a crook, or any type of bad person you will probably be recycled into something not human. Karma is a physical action, spoken word or thought that harms another immortal, perfect, all knowing and blissful soul. This is the famous and probably most popular saying about karma, as ye sow so shall ye reap. But the question remains, how did we get trapped on this planet. Could it really be our karma that keeps us here and from graduating to a higher realm of existence and a happier one at that.

Yoga says there are 6 permanence’s to this current existence: thirst, hunger, illusion, lamentation, old age and death. The illusion is the fact that most think they are the body or that they comprise of this material existence. One thing for sure is the contamination of the temporary material conscience is what is keeping us from a return union with our Creator. Yoga means union with the Creator in case you haven’t read any of my previous blogs. A liberation of your eternal, all knowing, blissful Soul into the Spirit of the Creator. So is there anything good about this planet? Well, the fact that we are all moving closer to death everyday is the worst scenario one could imagine isn’t it? How do we get out of here and permanently move to a higher spiritual platform in another dimension perhaps and one that is 100 times more satisfying.

Yoga suggests you find the reality of your existence while you are here on this planet in this lifetime. If you are able to do this difficult task then you will become an ascended master and graduate to the next grade which is not here. Karma can be a big step towards understanding the reality of your existence and true essence, true self or true nature. Understanding karma moves you toward a happier more cheerful, joyful life. As you do the work towards strengthening your spiritual development you become so much more delightful for others and the witness within comes out more and more. The reason this work is so satisfying is because this style of thought, words and action is closer to your natural state of who you really are.

I am going to give you one quick example of a thought process one could practice to transform lives and move one closer to getting off this planet for good. Believe it or not, one can build up bad karma during dreams. Are you kidding me? No I am not kidding you, Yoga is deep- are you ready for it? If you clean up and purify your actions, words and thoughts during your waking hours your dreams get purer too. But here is the thing, somehow we don’t think our dreams are reality. Here comes the kicker. What is the difference between your dream state and your waking state? Think about it, cause this is really important to your packing a small part of your bags. Since you are an eternal, all knowing, blissful Soul then isn’t this temporary material existence a dream also? It can’t be reality, which is why Yoga says this is all an illusion or a dream. Since this is so then why do you not act blissful 24/7? What is the problem with the changing moods we all process?

Babaji says that He and the ascended masters are amused by us when we set such drama to the problems we have in life. If we all could act as if we were dreaming, which is a fact according to Yoga, then happiness would be prevalent and the world would be at peace and most would be moving closer to getting off this planet. At the very least, your dreaming karma would help your chances of packing. So, to dream or not to dream? Choose wisely.

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