What is wrong with this planet and what needs to be done to find the peace that passeth all understanding?

Well, there is only ONE thing wrong with this perfectly created earth, and that is the mind of the human being. Think about it for a moment. Perfection is everywhere except only one thing, the human brain. Different people in the same country create evil, hatred, separateness, greed, lust, envy and attachment. The list is much longer isn’t it. Now, factor in other countries brain activity and the human climate as a whole and what do you get? You get, a never going to get better situation until we all grow up and realize we are in a battle of our lives with our own mind. Did you know you can’t change deep patterns and habits of thoughts and transform your life unless you win an internal battle? Who must you fight to transform yourself and the world? The war is, and has always been throughout history, with your own mind. The subconscious mind is 10 times more powerful than the conscience mind and the superconscious mind is 10 times more powerful than the subconscious mind. This means that your opponent is 100 times more powerful than you.

If you are to win this huge conflict you have to train the mind through meditation. Now if you have another way to train the mind to find the peace that passeth all understanding then go with it but, throughout history the same answer always comes up. Do the work through meditation, stay the course, become a new person and transform your life. If everyone on the planet did this, perfection would be all that is left. Believe me? Find out for your self, do the work, why don’t we all just do the work and quit being so lazy!

What about the two dogs, two choices, and what does that have anything to do with world peace? Here the metaphor is that two dogs reside inside your body. One dog is the loud barker, always noisy, distracting, irritable, selfish, slothful, jealous, fearful, needy, weak, egotistical, and all the adjectives you can name that are not fruits of the spirit. This first dog is your mind. The second dog is quiet, loving, joyful, peaceful, patient, harmonious, tranquil, understanding, kind, gentle, generous and all the adjectives you can name that are the fruits of the spirit. The second dog is your soul or spirit. Ok, which dog will rule over you? The dog that you feed the most will be your ruler. Let me tell you, being ruled is a huge bummer. We’d like to think we are free but we are actually living in a prison ruled by an obnoxious dog. Make a prison break in this lifetime already! Stop feeding the disgusting dog and start meditating and looking for your true nature which is and always has been perfect eternal spirit.

You have a choice in this lifetime. Do like most will and slothfully allow the mind to rule or do the work and find the peace that passeth all understanding and at least achieve your own perfection. Choose wisely.

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