Separate, separate, separate, I have become sickened by this culture’s and most others at the so called expertise that is taken to distance ourselves from each other! Do you remember quantum entanglement? This is the fact, proven by science that, we are all interconnected. Whether you like it or not, it is a fact that at any one time you are breathing the same molecules that Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Hitler, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Hilary Clinton, Mother Mary, Rose Kennedy, Obama, George Washington, Neanderthal Man, Mother Theresa, Milarepa, Yogananda, and all the rest have breathed! You mean Hitler’s molecules are in me right now? Yes!!! An so are the same molecules that Christ breathed. Everyone of us throughout humanities existence are sharing molecules in our lungs of all peoples, sexes, cultures and religions through-out humanities existence.

We are all ONE, according to yoga, don’t you get it? When will you get it? When will we ALL get it? Maybe, if you deal with eternality, eventually we ALL will, so I don’t even need to write this blog, huh?

Your Heart Chakra is Venus calling you to love everyone no matter what! Even if they are my enemies? YES!!! What can you learn if you hate? What is the point of your short existence if you hate anyone? Your Venus Chakra is at your heart in the spine area, according to yoga. If your God given consciousness lives below this Chakra you have the tendency to separate as most do. If your God given consciousness lives at or above this Chakra then you love everyone and you can transform lives! Don’t you want to transform lives?

When are you going to clean it all up! Clean it all up NOW! Yoga says if your consciousness is grumpy and judgmental in this lifetime then you will be the same in the next lifetime. Why can’t you be all humble, loving, gracious and blissful in this lifetime? You can carry this into the next on this planet of at a higher realm. Good luck, it takes hard work and a Great Change. Grow up Child of GOD! If your consciousness is all loving, as you live above the Venus Chakra then you may even transform yourself to a higher more satisfying plane of existence the next time around. Yoga means Unity, a Oneness. Isn’t Yoga a Great Eternal Wisdom? Live in Yoga or out of Yoga? Choose wisely.

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