Yoga is a timeless truth of Self discovery which is the supreme goal in life. Some other goals of living on this material plane should be reminding yourself often, when it comes to dealing with others, that we are all ONE. Catching your brain when it has a negative thought about someone else and telling it you want it to think thoughts of we are all ONE. Did you know that if you don’t catch your thoughts after a negative one passes by, that your brain will believe the thought and it can effect your health in a negative way? Yoga says negative thoughts are forms of violence. Yoga is deep, huh? Every thought is precious and as Vivekananda says, they travel far. These are good goals to reach for and accomplish.

Ask a yoga master what they experience when they find Samadhi, which is the eighth branch of yoga. Samadhi is the spiritual state of consciousness and the highest stage in meditation, in which a person experiences oneness with the universe. Yoga means union between your immortal, all knowing and blissful soul and the Creator. In Samadhi you actually experience a oneness with everything on this material plane. Since everything on this material plane came from the Creator then it all has to be ONE doesn’t it? Why do we separate? Why do many of us actually think we are separate from one another? If all the Sages and Masters have told us this truth of Oneness then why don’t we simply believe them?

Well, to get you thinking you should first acknowledge the fact that you don’t beat your own heart. You need to remember you don’t breathe your lungs or digest your food. You didn’t invent the water and food that sustains you. Humility is easily a top 3 of great personality qualities to perpetually process. Once you realize these facts then you may conclude you don’t know everything. Did you know that the number one affliction of humanity is ignorance? Ignorance has kept the world in misery since the beginning of humanity. Benjamin Franklin said, “Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn”. Not enough of us are willing to learn more, read a book, ask a Yoga Master who has experienced the real thing.

Religious dogmas are infantile, ignorance and misery because they separate, don’t they. Yoga is not a religion and that is what makes it so perfect, beautiful and timeless. One can experience Samadhi and this Oneness themselves and transform their lives and the lives of those around them. It is time we all become heros in this short material life. We have to start living like leaders, champions, martyrs and magnificent souls. Allowing the baby, wimpy, monkey mind to rule is an ignorant, weak existence. Yoga says you’re certainly going to be much happier when you let go of this separation and just start to love everyone in action, word and thought. You actually begin to grow up and even graduate from this material existence and move closer toward the ultimate goal of a transcendental platform- a more spiritual life, which is who you really are, right? So, you have a choice, wake up from the dream of separateness or stay asleep in ignorance. Choose wisely.

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