When will we wake up and start living where we belong? Hopefully some day soon most will realize we are, according to yoga, sat chit ananda. We are and always have been eternal, all knowing and blissful. Can’t get better than that huh? Then why do we enjoy living in the Saturn Chakra? Yoga says the Saturn Chakra is located in the lowest part of the spine. As one enjoys this temporal material world their consciousness tends to maneuver in the three lower chakras of the human spine, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars. We have forgotten who we really are and reside in an Alien environment living just for ourselves in a selflessness state of exploitation of not only the body but the world as well. Am I bitter, or do I come across as frustrated? You should be too if you read on.
Religions have lied to us as to our true origin and destination. Who we really are is just as Christ said, mini- gods. Want to know if this is true, well, look it up all you Alien/Serpents. Your eternal soul and God are connected, real and are one. If the ocean is God then you are a wave in this ocean and you start from this ocean and you will return to it but you are NOT the same. We have forgotten just how close we really are to the Creator who resides in us all. If you live in the three lower chakras then you are an Alien to your real nature.

It may seem odd to you that we reside in a world that would not by Nirvana’s standard seem advanced at all. There are, according to yoga, lower much more miserable worlds than this and higher more wonderful worlds too. So how did we end up here in what yoga calls a lower world? Will you in your next lifetime make it to a higher terrific world? Well, first of all you either chose to come here or your karma put you here. Can the religions suggest this? Why not? Why can’t we admit that this world is a test in humility. The more humble you are the higher up you go in consciousness.

The higher chakras of the spine start at the heart which is called Venus. When one lives at the heart level or higher, yoga says your moving toward more blissfulness, your true nature. The deeper your meditation the more you grow in knowledge of the true Self and you realize your eternity. Your Alien life is over and you wish to return home.

The more devoted you are to the Creator, the more good credits you build up in this and the next lifetime. If your just passing through this world then you had better start adding more credits in your account. If you love this material world then live in the lower chakras and stay trapped as an Alien on this lower world for as many lifetimes as you can stand. Funny thing is we are the Serpents of the Bible if we live in the lower three chakras and Christ of the Bible said, “just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness so must the Son of Man lift himself up.” These words by Christ were in reference to finding the Kingdom of God which is within the temple of every body. Won’t get that from religion. So you can continue as a Serpent/Alien or you can lift yourself up and find your way back home. Choose wisely

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