yoga meditationYoga means union or to yoke with your Creator. Yoga’s beginnings can be traced back 5000 years. Who invented it? No one really knows as I was not around back then unless it was in one of my previous lives. Maybe I invented it, maybe you did. It could of come from the Creator of the Universe or maybe handed down from Aliens. Nevertheless it works on all levels in this dimension for this body we have in this age on this planet. Yoga benefits the 3 levels of this body physically, physiologically and psychologically. How can one have union or yoke with there creator? Well, yoga was invented so we can meditate. Why should the West take notice?

Because physiologically the benefits of yoga and meditation will reduce our stress epidemic, help us reduce high blood pressure, and reduce chronic diseases like arthritis, allergies etc. Most Western doctors will agree meditation helps in post-operative healing. One can find plenty of agreement that yoga also strengthens the immune system, lowers cholesterol levels, helps with headaches and asthma.

Physically, yoga just makes you juicier. This body is at least 85% liquid and 99% space. Most non yogis live in this body with stiffness, rigidity and lack of flexibility and balance. Yoga can give you a body of lasting beneficial changes in joint mobility including turning your neck to back up your car or change lanes. From my other blogs I mention that with a yoga practice, everyone should be walking around with the ultimate fashion statement, a 20 year old spine.

Psychological or spiritual benefits of a yoga and meditation practice are many. As a matter of fact there are easily thousands of benefits of a yoga and meditation practice. The west has nothing to even begin to come close to comparison. Some yoga and meditation pluses include, happier moods, better focus, creativity and improved memory. Relationships improve because most can become more emotionally stable. Practitioners have a tendency to change bad habits developing a stronger will power to stop smoking, alcohol addiction, or dependency on drugs, pills or pharmaceuticals. Oh, just turn on your computer and just Google the benefits of yoga which if practiced the way it was intended includes meditation.

So should one practice yoga just for the physical benefits, like most in the west do, or practice yoga the way it was intended, which includes meditation. Choose wisely.

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