Will there ever be Peace on Earth? NO! Why? Because of the 3 modes of Material Existence

Do you actually think in this universe of trillions of other universes, that this earth is the only realm of reality? That the creator is so dull that we have only this earth as your only home? Not according to yoga. What? Are you insane, no peace on earth ever! One may say. But read on if you have 4 and a half minutes, in your world of fast paced living, and all will be explained to you. The 3 modes of material existence, according to yoga, are ignorance, passion and goodness. In a typical day we all move in and out of these 3 realms. If you reside in ignorance for a short time or a lifetime than you, as an example, don’t want to get off the couch, or you just want to, “veg out”, or it is My Way or the Highway and you blow up, or shoot people, or you bomb countries. By the way, these modes reside in our own minds and it is simply the way things are. Can we change them? Read on, oh interested one. Remember, Yoga deals with the mind and you can escape this planet. The second mode, passion, is where most reside. Running too and fro, rushing around and putting wasted energy into feel good stuff or happy go lucky accumulation or just working your job or just being a kid at heart. No real goals, but stuff you have to do, and actions you enjoy. The third mode is where we all want or wish to be, because our spirit cries out, and the mind says when am I going to do better. When will I stop doing what I am doing and start doing and thinking the way I should? We all want this “goodness” but, because we all reside in the 3 modes of material existence it is difficult to stay in this realm. There are other worlds in other dimensions besides this one and since we all are eternal then you will get to another one eventually if , according to yoga, you put in the work. When you deal with eternity should you take your time? What is so great about this world and how did you wind up here? You come into this world and someone wipes your butt and before you leave there is a good probability the same thing will happen. When you die you will either be ashes or poop from an animal or organisms butt that has eaten you. Yoga teaches that your goal is to leave this world and reside in another world higher than this one and if your spiritual growth is high enough then maybe you will never return to this world again. How do you do this? First of all, grow up! You have to change yourself first before you can make changes to those around you. Begin by changing that “spoiled brat”, you call your brain and think differently. In the spiritual realm or, your True Self, everyone loves each other and they practice selfless service. Do you? Why are things upside down here? Because of the 3 modes of material existence of which your mind is a part of and can’t escape unless you are willing to put in the “yoga”, work. What work? The same work that all the saints, masters, sages, avatars and saviors have been telling you to do throughout humanities existence! In recent times, Swami Nirmalananda said, “our main duty is to go beyond thoughts”. Siri Singh Sahib, said, “Keep up”! “There is no liberation without labor”. Jesus said, “The Kingdom of God is within”. Do you get it? It is up to you and you alone to transform your thoughts and work hard through the meditation of yoga to rise above these 3 modes of material existence so you don’t have to come back here after you die. Most will be content with the status quo and be like everyone else. Just eat, drink and be as merry as you can. I for one know the end of the movie if I rest in the status quo. If I am content with the status quo then nothing changes. Why not take the other path? The yoga path few have traveled but the work is harder and different. When Jesus said , “strait is the gate and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it”. He is talking about the straight spine of meditation, according to Yogananda. Have you read Yogananda’s books? Have you read the book, “The Yoga of Jesus” by Yogananda? It is an eye opener to hard work. This is your escape plan from this earth to another plane of existence. Are you listening to the silence beyond your thoughts which is your True Self? Religion separates but the spirit unites. This is yoga and it is for everyone on this earth, isn’t it? Yoga doesn’t separate. Yoga teaches, we are all one. The status quo can’t control the spoiled brat brain, can you? Will you? When? Yoga or the spoiled brat status quo brain? Choose wisely.

Venus, the Goddess of Love, and the Yoga Unity of Your Heart Chakra

Separate, separate, separate, I have become sickened by this culture’s and most others at the so called expertise that is taken to distance ourselves from each other! Do you remember quantum entanglement? This is the fact, proven by science that, we are all interconnected. Whether you like it or not, it is a fact that at any one time you are breathing the same molecules that Christ, Buddha, Krishna, Hitler, Attila the Hun, Genghis Khan, Hilary Clinton, Mother Mary, Rose Kennedy, Obama, George Washington, Neanderthal Man, Mother Theresa, Milarepa, Yogananda, and all the rest have breathed! You mean Hitler’s molecules are in me right now? Yes!!! An so are the same molecules that Christ breathed. Everyone of us throughout humanities existence are sharing molecules in our lungs of all peoples, sexes, cultures and religions through-out humanities existence.

We are all ONE, according to yoga, don’t you get it? When will you get it? When will we ALL get it? Maybe, if you deal with eternality, eventually we ALL will, so I don’t even need to write this blog, huh?

Your Heart Chakra is Venus calling you to love everyone no matter what! Even if they are my enemies? YES!!! What can you learn if you hate? What is the point of your short existence if you hate anyone? Your Venus Chakra is at your heart in the spine area, according to yoga. If your God given consciousness lives below this Chakra you have the tendency to separate as most do. If your God given consciousness lives at or above this Chakra then you love everyone and you can transform lives! Don’t you want to transform lives?

When are you going to clean it all up! Clean it all up NOW! Yoga says if your consciousness is grumpy and judgmental in this lifetime then you will be the same in the next lifetime. Why can’t you be all humble, loving, gracious and blissful in this lifetime? You can carry this into the next on this planet of at a higher realm. Good luck, it takes hard work and a Great Change. Grow up Child of GOD! If your consciousness is all loving, as you live above the Venus Chakra then you may even transform yourself to a higher more satisfying plane of existence the next time around. Yoga means Unity, a Oneness. Isn’t Yoga a Great Eternal Wisdom? Live in Yoga or out of Yoga? Choose wisely.

Did the Pope Talk About All Your Soul and Strength in His Recent Visit to America?


First off, in order for one to understand this blog and agree with it, One must realize that they are in control of nothing. Yoga says you are in control of nothing. Someone changed your diapers when you came into this world and it is a good possibility that the same will happen before you leave. You don’t tell your heart to beat, your lungs to breathe and the water you drink, the food you eat, the air you breathe, you did not invent, did you? You don’t tell the wind to blow, the rain to come or the temperature to be a certain degree, do you?

Christ said, according to the Bible, Love THE CREATOR, with all your mind, heart, soul and strength. Religion does this but.. only with the mind and heart, right? What? Parishioners read scripture using their minds and love with their hearts, but… where is the soul and strength?

How do you love THE CREATOR with your soul and strength? Yogananda was the author of 50 yoga books. Yogananda, was a master of this material existence and says, the soul and strength come from deep meditation. Yogananda says if you don’t want to come back here for more diaper changes you MUST use your pineal gland! Activating the pineal gland, we all have one, to seek the Kingdom within. By the way, masters of ALL religions have told us throughout humanity’s existence to do this. Meditate and find the KINGDOM WITHIN. Did the Pope talk about the pineal gland. Do the pulpits of the world talk of this GOD given pineal gland? NO! If they did, they would have to open more books and change the whole path of the mind and heart. This would bring a loss of control in this material existence and they don’t need that. When you search with all your strength and soul it means months and years of meditation. When you accomplish this you are “Born Again of the Spirit”, and you change worlds. You love everyone!

The mind and heart separates, doesn’t it? The strength of consistent meditation and soul searching doesn’t separate because it is not words and a feeling of we are right, but a nonverbal experience of transformation. Yoga says, and all the masters since the beginning say to seek and experience the spirit within using the pineal gland. This culture is one big corporate commercial and it likes it like that. And you like it too don’t you? Why, money, money, money. Desire and Ego of thinking YOU are in control. Why go with the status quo? If you do your, diapers will be changed like everyone else. Make a decision to take the other path!!! This decision is really quite simple, and transformative if you have the strength. If you do, yoga says, you shall never have to return to this material existence again! It is as plain as the pointed hat on the Pope’s head. Use the mind and the heart and suffer illusion and separate. Or use all your strength finding the KINGDOM or soul within and find eternal reality? Choose wisely.

The Fake Yoga Classes of America and a Challenge To My Colleagues

So, here you are, a yoga teacher, good for you, as you are teaching the most important thing in the history of humanity! But why would you only teach 13% of what yoga really is? If you teach only the physical and physiological benefits of yoga then you are only teaching 13% of yoga! And you proudly call yourself a yoga teacher? Shame on you for selling out to yoga! You actually should call yourself a politician as you want only to appeal to the masses and make money. This lonely profession, real Yoga teaching, is NOT a popularity contest! If you are not teaching the emotional, spiritual and psychological benefits of yoga then you are teaching a fake yoga class. You are a fraud. And you have the audacity to call yourself a yoga teacher?
Am I mad? Am I fed up? YOU BET!!! The emotional, spiritual and psychological benefits of yoga are probably what America and the world needs the most of! Not the physical!

This world is in trouble because of the word, separation. We have actually, because of our cultures and belief systems convinced ourselves that we are separate from one another. In fact, we are all ONE. We come from the same “stuff”, THE CREATOR!

Most seem to think that they are the “doer”. The Doer means that YOU are the one that does stuff in your life! Well let me ask you, if I might continue my ranting. Did the great you make your body? Do you, oh
great one, will your own digestion? Do you put air in your lungs? Do you beat your own heart? Please tell me if this is you and you shall be the next Messiah!

How is America going to know what Yoga really is unless my colleagues really teach the other 87% of what Yoga really IS? When will my colleagues quit selling out to there chosen profession as politicians do, and start doing their jobs!!! You call yourself a yoga teacher? Teach yoga!!! Teach the other 87% so America and the world can realize a “oneness”, which is real TRUTH! Am I mad?

My pathetic words can not even begin to describe how mad I am! But, yoga has taught me, love for ALL, patience, peace, contentment, tranquility, harmony, understanding, joyfulness, bliss and discipline to stick to my guns at all costs! I say, if you not learning the spiritual, emotional and psychological benefits of yoga in your experience at your yoga studio, then you are in a FAKE yoga class!

Most Americans think yoga is weird and Hinduism, but if you become a real yoga teacher, then we can change the world!!! Do you want to be just a fake yoga teacher? Or do you want to change the world. Choose wisely!!!!!

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