yoga poseHow many times have you had a dilemma that you just can’t find the answer? You send the problem out to the infinite intelligence and does the answer always come back to you? This is simply your intuition. That feeling you get about people and situations that occur in your life’s experiences. Where does this all come from? Did your mind come up with the answer all by itself? Did you get the problem solved with help from another? No, the answer always pops into the mind 100% of the time all throughout your life and as long as you live this will continue. Do you recognize this as a gift from the universe? Do you realize you are the spark in the fire of your creator? Do you know for sure you are the wave in the ocean of your creator? If your ego is large enough you may take credit for these answered problems. Good luck with that. You know I am right but you won’t admit it perhaps because you like to be in charge but really your self-created ego likes to be in charge.

Well what does all this have to do with yoga and healing? Yoga can heal you on three levels. Yoga improves you physically, because you feel more flexible, resilient, and youthful and you feel better physically. Yoga helps you physiologically, from the inside out. Bettering all the systems of the body with stimulation to the glands, organs, tissue, blood flow and lymphatic flow and if you breathe deeply you can improve oxygen delivery to all the systems of the body. Lastly, yoga will change you psychologically by giving you a change in your thought processes and personality and character and hopefully your self-created ego. You can become happier and less stressed and even your friends and family might notice a different you before you do. So what about your intuition? When you practice yoga you bring into this experience your intuition, your awareness and your personal power. Do you have a powerful person power or do you just believe you are just the physical body and nothing more? When one brings all this into a strong consistent yoga practice they are bringing the entire intelligence of the universe into the body and then anything becomes possible. Which do you choose to believe? Are you just the physical body or will you use your intuition and the entire intelligence of the universe in your yoga practice. Choose wisely.

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